About ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod

ACE Appraisal owners Wes and Susan ChapmanSusan and Wes Chapman have many past experiences that coalesce to make us a great team for Real Estate valuation.

In 2003 Susan began her career in residential valuation and started ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod in 2006.  She has been appraising Cape Cod properties full time for 12 years.

We became Cape Cod second homeowners in the 90’s because of Cape Cod’s beauty and the many water amenities offering a wonderful place to live and bring our family on vacation.  We moved to Cape Cod as year round residents in 2002 because Wes was in home construction and there was a high demand for new homes on the Cape.  Since that time we have purchased vacation homes for investment purposes and have been engaged in the vacation rental market. We have built homes, sold homes, and rented homes for this business, resulting in an extensive knowledge of  Cape Cod residential property.

Wes, as a former builder and high school teacher, joined Susan in 2008 part time and in 2012 full time.

We love Cape Cod, enjoy homes, and employ our training and analytical skills to give you the best valuation of your Cape Cod property.