Are you buying “The Family Home” on Cape Cod?

We help many families divide up their Real Estate Assets on Cape Cod.  We cover all 15 towns of Barnstable County and are happy to work with your family on this important transaction.  There are many considerations when purchasing the family home such as: how many owners; is it in a Trust; what is the condition of the home; will you rent it as an income property, etc?  We address each unique situation to give you the best information about this most important asset.  Call ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod – 508-240-4889.





ROI Means Return On Investment

Do you rent your vacation home for all or part of the season?

At ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod we can help you get the best return on your investment (ROI).  You have to purchase your home at the right price and know the rental market.  Which home should you buy?   What can you expect for an in-season or off-season rent?  The owners of ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod have been in the vacation rental business for 20 years.  At ACE Appraisals we can help you maximize your financial return per dollar invested.  Let us explain the process; it is well worth the price of an appraisal. Call today 508-240-4889.